Monday, September 30, 2013

localized design

h & p architects of vietnam are a full service firm and specializes in localized solutions based on sustainable design and construction. of great local interest is their "blooming bamboo home" that is designed to local specifications (frequent flooding, abundant bamboo):

it sits above the ground and can actually float to avoid damage due to water ingress. it is a modular, multipurpose dwelling that is easily modified to suit different needs:

There are elements of passive heating and cooling evident in the design – the roof contains sections that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. They also act as a light source for the upper level of the home. Other sections of the house can be “opened-up” as well; there are several fold down exterior decks, and patio doors. Again, encouraging the flow of air throughout the home.

as per the architects:

“The structure’s framework is made from small bamboo pieces, fiberboard and coconut leafs, which can be finished with cladding that suits its local climate and regional materials, offering an adaptable piece of vernacular architecture. The flexible building is able to be mass produced and can be constructed by its users in just 25 days… offering an affordable solution for housing… It also engages local communities with their culture and vernacular architecture.”

most importantly, this dwelling is low cost. when mass produced, a basic home costs only $ 2000.

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